Welcome all!

Darla Kemp here.

I’m the founder & host of Incomparable Expert, an award-winning blog where I interview inspiring entrepreneurs to help YOU along your entrepreneurial journey!

If you’re tired of spending 90% of your day doing things you don’t enjoy and only 10% doing things you love, then you’re in the right place. My goal with Incomparable Expert is to deliver the inspiration and strategies you need to FIRE UP your entrepreneurial journey and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

However, before Incomparable Expert was even a thought, my journey was full of struggle and searching.

I tried Law School (1st semester dropout), Corporate Finance and Commercial Real Estate.

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Combining my passions and expertise

It was right around this time that shared his vision of creating a daily blog interviewing today’s most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs with me.

I cheered him on from the sidelines and was his biggest fan. I was even able to take some of the strategies I was learning at the agency and share those with him during his early days of launching and growing the business.

In late 2010, as Incomparable Expert continued to grow post-launch, came to me and asked what I thought about teaming up at Incomparable Expert.

Things were really starting to take off – he was growing an audience and generating recurring revenue, and in order to start creating products and scaling the business, he needed help.

While I wasn’t initially convinced, we continued to have conversations around the idea of me joining Incomparable Expert.

Over the next couple of months we talked about the types of projects I might work on, what types of tasks I would be responsible for, and we took time to compare our strengths and weaknesses to see how and where we could best support each other.

Once we were both feeling comfortable with the trajectory of Incomparable Expert, and once I was confident that I’d be joining the team to do something I love AND be able to feel fulfilled and like I’m helping others at the end of the day, I took my 2nd entrepreneurial leap.

Today, I’m so grateful to be partner here at Incomparable Expert and to be serving each and every member of Incomparable Expert Nation.

Over the past several years I’ve also uncovered new passions. My most recent: helping entrepreneurs create freedom in their business and life through developing systems and processes that can help their business scale and grow.