How to Get Clients That Kick-Ass

kickasscover4uploadsmall2 It all started with a single email... an email from a soon-to-be client who eventually became a mentor of sorts. From that single email, a business relationship was created worth in excess of $120,000 to my bottom line.

But the money wasn’t the most valuable thing I received in the deal. The real treasure was that I walked away with a real understanding of the secret to get clients that kick-ass.

At first, you might think it was a just a marketing gimmick or something. I soon found out it wasn’t. The evidence became too great and the results too large to ignore.

What I discovered over the years, is that this secret to get clients is actually like a long forgotten “language” reserved for those who have what it takes to be successful.
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The Advisory Program

AdvisoryBuilding a business is a journey that's anything BUT a straight line from Point A to Point B. If it was that easy, everyone would succeed.

But that's not what happens. Instead, the journey zigs and zags all over the place.

The road to success is a never ending sequence of trial and error, with constant course corrections and opportunities for growth.

The Incomparable Expert Advisory Program is about getting you the answers you need to make progress on your journey.
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The Lead Lab

leadlab You can’t do an internet search without tripping over someone promising to “FLOOD” your business with leads. But those solutions usually presuppose that they are right for your business. In my experience, that’s not exactly true.

In fact, there’s no ONE right answer to the “how do I generate leads” question. There are many answers. That’s a blessing and a curse. Because while there might be many potential paths to get you the lead flow you want, there are probably only one or two that are truly worth pursuing.

The truth is, it’s hard work. You try a lot of things. Most of them don’t work. If you got awards for things that “didn’t work,” that would be nice. But clearly, that’s not reality.

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The Incomparable Expert Path to Power Teleclass

pathtopower It’s not hard to tell the difference between someone who is powerful and someone who is not. Now when I say “powerful,” I’m not talking about the world’s definition of power. That’s not real power and those folks know it. That’s coercion. That’s aggression. That’s domination. That’s evil.

Real power is different. It is quiet and strong. It burns like a fire without damaging what it touches.

The act of giving your power away is something that can take many forms. Each ends up working towards the same end: you willingly go through life as a slave of your own design.

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How I Became a Six-Figure Copywriter

Six-Figure CopywritingIf you’ve already got a copywriting business, but aren’t making six-figures (or more)… then chances are, it’s not your writing that’s the problem.

Because it’s not “copy secrets” that you’re missing. The problem is just that you don’t quite know how to leverage your copywriting skills and actually turn them into money.

You know copywriting, you just don't know the copywriting business. And in the next few moments, I’m going to show you what to do about that. The fact is, you can make money doing what you love.

And I’m going to show you some steps you can take to become a six-figure copywriter… your very first year. I’ve done it and I’m going to show you how you can too.

But before I do that, let me fill you in on a few details.
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The Copy Bank

Copy BankBusinesses of all shapes and sizes run on copy. Good copy creates better results than bad copy. Good copy creates more credibility than bad copy. Good copy creates more trust than bad copy.

But not everyone is cut out to be, or is interested in becoming a copywriter.

That's why I created The Copy Bank. The Copy Bank is a growing library of ready to go copy. We'll start primarily with emails, but soon expand into other areas. From responding to an unsatisfied customer to reaching out to a client with a late payment, the Copy Bank will have "cut/paste and tailor" pieces of copy that are ready to go. And we'll be adding to the Copy Bank as new requests come in.

Over time, it's going to become an extremely valuable resource. Now a word about what type of "copy" this is going to be.

This is not going to be "cash sucking" sales copy. This is not the "buy or die" type of approach. There are plenty of guys who do that but I think that style for anyone trying to have credibility is a dead end.

The tone of the copy in the Copy Bank is professional, trustworthy, clear and effective.
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Incomparable Expert Transformation

IE Transformation The Incomparable Expert Transformation is designed for service providers who want additional clarity about how to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

In the span of 90 minutes, I take you from “vendor” to a true one-of-a-kind service professional. What you get is a straightforward, “clear as a bell” strategy package that clearly outlines how you should be talking about your business in your marketing and with your prospects and clients.

This understanding and clarity becomes the foundation for your entire client attraction system. It informs your marketing materials. It informs how you conduct yourself at networking events and even on the phone. It is 100% customized for you!
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The Platform Lab

Platform LabThe best advice I can give you is to stop trying to “get” anyone to hire you. I know this sounds nuts. After all, if you work with clients, what else IS the goal except to get them to hire you?

That is the goal, but the direct route just lumps you in with all of the other salespeople who are trying to get attention. So if you want to be perceived as something different and better, you can’t show up the same way as everyone else does.

You don’t pursue clients directly, you develop a system that “reverse engineers” the result you want – the system brings the clients to you.

In order to do business on your terms regarding fees and working terms, you can’t be chasing your clients down. They have to come to you. Otherwise, you don’t have too much leverage in the relationship and you’re perceived as little more than a “vendor.”
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The Way of the Incomparable Expert Coaching

Way of the Incomparable Expert The Way of the Incomparable Expert™ is a private, one-on-one coaching program for service providers generating revenues over $100K/year.

We focus on refining and improving the mindset and business systems required to move your business to a new level of achievement.

This includes your core messaging and positioning in the marketplace, lead generation, platform and client attraction strategy and more.
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Private Consulting Day in Sedona AZ

Sedona Consulting Day A limited number of private consulting days with me are now available for successful entrepreneurs who are looking to win bigger. Our work together will extend for a full day. The focus of our work will be on moving your business forward in major ways.

This will mean digging deep into you as a person and also uncovering opportunities for growth in your business you are either not able to see or have not fully realized. The work might be tactical, including redesigning your client or patient attraction systems. The work might be at a much deeper level, including giving clarity and direction to the future of your business. (A Skype-based version of this is also available.)
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Custom Project Requests:

Custom Projects For Private Clients

Private Client ServicesPrivate clients are accepted on an extremely limited basis for custom projects including but not limited to direct response copywriting, multi-step lead generation systems, client attraction systems, complete marketing and positioning services for independent professionals selling premium services.

Partial Client List: Sovereign Man, Craig Ballantyne, Mike Dillard, Learning Strategies, Yanik Silver, Breakthrough Email, Lombardi Publishing, Million Dollar Stylist®, Bedros Keuilian, Martin Howey, United States Concealed Carry Association, Healthy Wealthy n Wise, Early to Rise, American Writers and Artists Inc., SmartBox Web Marketing

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