"Fits Like a Glove" Email Marketing Strategies with Dan Faggella

Yesterday I had the privilege of talking to a man named Dan Faggella. (Pronounced Fa-JELLA).

Dan's high energy, high focus and he's all about results.

While he's an expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (and has built a great business around that,) it's not what we talked about.

Instead, we talked about email, and how to send email the SMART way. What does that mean?

It means using email as a strategic tool that speaks to your prospects and clients in a way that makes SENSE to them. That means it's custom tailored to where they're at and where they're trying to go.

Email is an enormous leverage point if you're smart about it. And while some of what Dan talks about gets a bit sophisticated, it's the principles that ultimately matter. So even if you take ONE thing away and execute on it, you'll be better off than you were.

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