How to Instantly Position Yourself as an Expert and Sell Bigger Projects with Higher Fees

With This Skill, Your Clients Will "Spill the Beans" and Tell You Everything You Need to Know to Sell Your Services and Charge High Fees. Finally, You Can Sell Them What They NEED, Not Just What They Want

Dear Independent Professional,

You're about to discover a simple way to completely set yourself apart from your competition and instantly position yourself as an expert (not a salesperson) in the eyes of your prospects.

As you might expect, doing both of these things tends to have a positive effect on your income.

Did you know that asking some simple questions could be worth an extra $23,000 in fees from a client?

I might not have believed it... until I experienced that exact thing.

A potential project that was probably worth $1,000, transformed into a $24,000 client... and it all started with a few simple questions.

With these questions I instantly transformed from a "vendor" into a true professional.

On a recent evening in the middle of the desert of Arizona, I led a group of service professionals through a comprehensive training in the little known business building art of how to do something like this.

The skill we focused on is so powerful, it literally has the power to send your fees through the roof. And I'm not kidding... at ALL.

And now, you can can get access to an audio recording of this event...

Just a few moments from now, you could be listening as I dig deep into what I consider THE single most powerful skill in my toolbox as a business owner who works with clients. This skill is responsible for more "getting of clients" and more of my income from those clients than all of my OTHER skills combined.

This simple skill is what I refer to as, "Digging For Gold."

Does it sound over the top to say that a freelancer or business owner who works with clients could double or even triple their income by mastering this simple skill of asking certain strategic questions?

Maybe... but I believe it is totally possible. I believe it because I know for a fact just how valuable this skill has been in my own business. In fact, I consider the art of question asking as close to true "alchemy" as I've ever come in my life (so far).

Ask ONE question and it might not create a flood of money. But string together two, three or four of the right questions and you would be amazed at what's possible.

How to develop the skill of turning questions into clients and money is something that will become very clear during the recording. But there's one thing I want to bring a very important issue front and center. Here it is:

What's one of the most important reasons we need to master this skill of asking questions?

Well, maybe you think it'll help you get more clients... and you're right.

And maybe you think it'll help you charge them more for your services... and you're right.

And maybe you think it'll help you uncover areas for additional business with the same client... and you're right about that too.

Those are all very valid and valuable uses for questions, but in my mind, there's still another reason to learn this skill. And this reason has more to do with protecting your mental and financial well-being than anything else.

So what is the reason?

You'll find out the reason once you have a recording of this event on your computer.

Here are some other things you'll discover...

  • The 3 pieces of information you absolutely must get from every prospective client. Without this, you'll be flying blind.
  • How to control any conversation... without appearing like a jerk! This "art of control" will actually make you look more professional, not less!
  • A powerful way to respond if you're ever asked, "So why should we hire you?" Most service providers would probably blab on about how good they are, but you'll do something much smarter.
  • The one type of question you'll usually want to stay far away from and why. Not surprisingly, this type of question is what most service providers ask.
  • A simple question you can use to make sure you don't waste a ton of time with prospects who don't have the resources to pay your fees.
  • Plus, the "Quick Reference" sheet will make sure you're always ready with a strategic question to get the information you need... It's fully of good questions you can use!

During the presentation, I'll take you deep into the art of turning questions into dollars. I'll show you how to dig for the gold and use it to increase the respect and fees you receive from clients.

This is content rich and based on my own experience. No B.S., no fluff.

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P.S. This skill is so ingrained in my mind that I use it now without even thinking. It certainly helped to close a $13,472 per month retainer agreement with a client. This stuff works and I'll show you how to use it.

P.P.S. Along with the MP3 audio recording, you'll receive a "How to Dig For Gold: Quick Reference Sheet" with a bunch of valuable questions you can use when you're on the phone with prospects and clients. You'll also get a downloadable transcript of the entire presentation.