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Each day, a select group of service providers all over the world wakes up to a very unique piece of email waiting in their box. This email is focused on one goal: the transformation of mind, body, spirit and action required to live and work as an Incomparable Expert.

An Incomparable Expert is a one of a kind service provider whose position in the marketplace leads to better clients and higher fees with less effort.

  • If you don't have the time to read an email that could transform your life and business, then this is not for you.
  • If you prefer to stay trapped in your current reality and don't have the desire, focus or courage required to become the best version of yourself, then you do not belong here.
  • If you want an instant fix to all of your issues with clients with zero commitment on your end, then you will definitely not like what you find inside.

Do you want to be an Incomparable Expert or not? That's the only question that matters here.

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Comments From Subscribers

“I have to tell you...YOUR EMAILS ROCK. Seriously, this is awesome stuff. Do you plan to put these emails into some sort of product format? Such as an e-book, or something I can read on my Kindle? I’d like to read these emails again, in another format, and I’d be willing to pay for it too. Anyway, this is great stuff, and almost too good to giveaway in my opinion (though I certainly do love that I’m getting them!)"

-Ryan McGrath
"I love all your material – I’m slowly transforming my consciousness into a 'big self consciousness.' I tend to fall back into that 'small me' mindset but your daily Client Letter reminds me and jolts me into the mindset of 'not being needy' to one of bringing 'My Best Self to Life' everyday. I love the outstanding response and miracles and breakthroughs that I get by being energized by the ideas you shared in 'Kick Ass Clients book.' I have underrated my landscape design service because of the suffering economy and I bought into that 'scarcity mindset.' My business is thriving now because of you contribution you’ve brought to my life. Thank you..."

"I have been following your stuff for a while and during that period I have had my eyes opened and am seeing all the mistakes that I have been making in my business and as a result I have been able to increase my profits by well over 1000%, not to mention my efficiency and especially the results I have provided my clients. I actually forward your stuff to my wife as at times, it sounds like you're describing me in your emails!

Having studied many $2000-$25,000 programs from some of the most elite consultants, marketers and copywriters, I have a pretty good understanding of what good education is, and the content I have received from your free daily newsletter alone is on the same level as many of those courses and puts you right up there among the finest in the world.

It has been my privilege to have come across your material, keep on with the good work you do. I look forward to more."

-Client Letter Subscriber